The HADE Vision

This post explores the HADE vision, what we aim to become.

We are a Media Company publishes content that is syndicated to Google News, and we will work to build that syndication network to 100s of different outlets. Any person can publish content on that is put into our blog category. This is shared with our network, and it can be shared anywhere else.

Users may also decide to submit “exclusive content” that falls under the stock, business, or crypto categories. This content must pass our editorial guidelines and is then shared with our syndication partners to reach a larger audience. Contributors of exclusive content are then compensated in HADE token depending on the success of the article.

Users with HADE token can promote their own content, advertise, or promote their blog. This entire system relies on blockchain to compensate for content, but we also aim to build an advertising platform through blockchain with verifiable clicks. We believe that forming partnerships with other media outlets to share our ads (with verifiable clicks) will be appealing, thereby increasing the appeal of our overall usage with HADE token to promote content, advertise, or promote a blog. Our HADE token contributors will be the first group of people eligible to participate in HADE Rewards, to produce content. We have a backlog of about 150 contributors already.

We are SaaS provider

We sell premium services through a SaaS portal. One reason we aim to grow our platform much larger is how well we have convert free traffic to paid memberships. We believe in content = traffic = paid memberships.

Our users are first drawn to us through our content, the uniqueness of having interactive charts within content. That leads them to create charts, where they can quickly visualize and analyze data. Our predictions from machine learning technology is also a very popular page. These things lead people to try our membership, and once they have access to our general portal, ( or an enterprise portal (, they are able to not only use our premium products, but use HADE token to license APIs and purchase add-on services among other things.

Yes, we use technology such as AI and machine learning to cut costs and improve the traditional legacy products of competitors like Bloomberg Portal and Reuters Eikon. However, the underlying gem of our business is the database. As a formal equity analyst, I invested and spent four years building this database, built around all the unique data that makes a company unique, things like segment data, product data, etc. We track every drug for Pfizer. We track every oil deposit for Halliburton, and so on.

We are TIFs

Finally, tokenized investment funds. We are working very close with blockchain thought leaders, top attorneys, and finance professionals alike to create a product where you can purchase any number of digital currencies with a single purchase, to thereby simplify the investment process into such currencies.

When we started our ICO, we first approached our customers. Remarkably, 70% had never invested in crypto, but I’d say 90% were willing. We are talking about finance professionals and seasoned investors who are serious enough to pay $6,000 a year to access premium investment products. This illustrates the untapped market in crypto, of which we plan to serve. I leave you with a video to better explain this vision.