Global Blockchain Influencer Joins HADE

HADE Technologies is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with a true legend of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology, Mr. Mark Lynd

Mark was named one of the top 100 blockchain influencers and thought leaders in the world. The former Chief Technology Officer of a multi-billion dollar private equity firm, Lone Star Funds, Mark has more than 20 years of experience in AI, Cloud, Big Data, and Blockchain.

Our work with AI and SaaS coupled with our vision for blockchain attracted Mark to HADE Technologies, founder of and HADE Token.

Mark will now work with HADE staff as we continue to modify our breakthrough investment research AI to the crypto, media, and advertising industries. We will incorporate blockchain to create data feed scoring methods, and we will rank data based on quality with multiple evaluation criterium.

This means we will use his expertise to build more reliable models for predicting future financial performance, future price performance, or determine whether content is “fake news”. The possibilities are endless.

This, along with our previous partnership with Boon Tech will help us innovate and steal market share faster in the industries we aim to disrupt.

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