HADE Commercial Strategy Explained

With the beta launch of HADE 2.0 coming next week, I want to take this time and really dig deep into the commercial strategy of HADE Technologies, owner of the HADE Platform and HADE Token.

Our model is simple: Content = Traffic = Paid Memberships. However, there are many layers. First off, our content is unique because all the visuals are interactive. There is nothing quite like it anywhere.

Second, we will retain users because we offer products that competitors charge upwards of $15,000 to $20,000 per year to access. The ability to get free products like this will let us retain users, and there will be a lot of them as we penetrate the user base of services like Yahoo! Finance, with 70 million monthly users.

But how will we get users onto the platform? We will use HADE Token to compensate writers of financial, investment, business, and crypto topics to produce exclusive content, and thereby generate traffic to the platform. And all content will go through a screening process to ensure that only high quality, unique content is published to our audience.

After we get people to the platform and keep them there, how do we monetize those users? There are two ways: We have the HADE Store that offers a multitude of breakthrough premium services. You can actually see the list in the link below.


For users who consume our content but don’t purchase premium services, we will monetize with advertisements and promoted content.

While this approach with premium services and advertisements create an incredible opportunity, it doesn’t even touch on the enterprise part of our business where institutions are given a dedicated portal to access all of our HADE Store products plus a suite of communication, productivity, and customer relationship management tools. That’s a market that Reuters Eikon and Bloomberg Portal have grown to more than $15 billion in revenue each year.

We believe that success in both businesses, will pave the way for creating and leading new industries for products like tokenized investment funds. Ultimately, we aim to license the technology and platform used to create, purchase, and manage such funds. That could very well be the biggest market we pursue.

The bottom line is that the potential for HADE as a utility token within our platform is great. It not only allows us to compete with large media companies by compensating for exclusive content, but also a payment method of complete transparency that we can tie to blockchain and smart contracts to make our services better (ie verifiable clicks for advertising).

It’s a huge project and task to go after the market that Bloomberg and Reuters have built, but with the help of breakthrough technology and innovations like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, we believe it can and will be done at HADE Platform.